Agents – let us make your job easier!

Here at Home Pro Home Inspection of Georgia we understand that more than ever a real estate agent needs work harder, longer and faster to close a real estate transaction. That is why we have trained our staff and optimized our programs to make your life easier. We promise you that we will not only give you the service that you deserve, but we will accomplish it in a professional and prompt manner.

We understand the value of a customer and we will provide not only you but your clients with the best experience possible. We have built our company on strong core values and a reputation of customer satisfaction. Our sole mission will be to make your job easier and ensure a lasting relationship.

Your clients will receive a state of the art inspection and report which will include detailed information and photographs.  One of our professional staff will review the entire report with your clients to ensure that they make an educated decision on their next home purchase. This thorough report will ensure that your clients understand that you have their best interests at heart and will create a relationship that will pay dividends.

Sellers Inspection Checklist

Eliminate the 3 ring binder inspection reports with “The Seller Inspection Check List”. We have designed The Seller Inspection Check List to help your client get a cleaner inspection report. Simply download and give the check list to your client before their inspection.

15 Great Apps for Realtors

Top 15 mobile apps to make your job (and your life) easier! Stay tuned for the new HomePro app – schedule appointments on the go!

Realtor Cheat Sheet

Your “Realtor Cheat Sheet” is to provide you with common problems and typical life spans with components throughout homes. What type of plumbing is in the home? Want to know the years common plumbing piping was used and the defects that have been caused? This sheet can help you educate your clients.

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